The 4th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia
Conference 12-15 December • Exhibition 13-15 December • Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Emerging Technologies

NAVIgoid: Robot Navigation with Haptic Vision

There is a substantial need in interface and telepresence robotic systems to allow intuitive and immersive control of the robot. The commonly used interfaces (joystick, keyboard, mouse, PHANTOM) provide a simple but non-immersive navigation of planar robot movement. With these controllers, the human hand is engaged in teleoperation of the remote robot and cannot be used for directing the robotic arm, hand, and fingers of the manipulator mounted on the mobile platform.
The purpose of our work is to develop a new type of tactile interface and telepresence robotic system that can enable operators to be “embodied”. To do so, we engage the user in teleoperations and provide a high level of immersion through proprioceptive telepresence and tactile feedback. The developed interface allows the operator to use their body posture and gestures for controlling the mobile robot and at the same time to feel the remote object through tactile stimuli. The human operator is capable of changing the robot traveling direction in a smooth and natural manner by twisting and bending the trunk. The torso along with the flex sensors acts as joystick. For example, to move the robot forward or backward, the user leans the torso slightly forward or backward correspondingly. In ProInterface, we employ the tactile stimuli as a modality to deliver the information about the remote environment. The interface allows the operator to devote visual faculties to the exploration of the remote dynamic environment.
The developed technology can potentially have a big impact on multi-modal communications, with the remote robot engaging the user to utilize as many senses as possible, namely, vision, hearing, sense of touch, proprioception (posture, gestures). We believe that such telepresence robotic systems will result in a high level of immersion in robot space. The self-motion illusion in remote place can be achieved as well.

Junichi Sugiyama, Toyohashi University
Dzmitry Tsetserukou , Toyohashi University
Jun Miura, Toyohashi University