The 4th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia
Conference 12-15 December • Exhibition 13-15 December • Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Art Gallery


'The pendulum series' explores the meaning of space through the process of pendulum movement. These pieces have virtual pendulums and real ones. We can see the flow of invisible energy in virtual pendulums. Hybrid Form (Digital and Analogue, Space and 空Emptiness) The movement of a pendulum generates special energy in the impact between first and second pendulum, and this energy is delivered to the last pendulum in the law of momentum conservation. This energy is invisible, but we experience it by viewing a pendulum movement. This piece has virtual pendulums with real ones. Real pendulums are located on both sides, and they are made from electromagnets. Virtual pendulums, located in the middle of this piece, are three-dimensional images, and show the flow of energy as an expressive medium. Impacting objects (magnetic pendulums) and elements in the video animation (energy) create hybrid visuals. With Pendulum#1, we can extend the meaning of emptiness inherent in media art. Emotions and Words Pendulum#2 expresses very emotional feelings. Energy generated from an impact between real pendulums makes virtual pendulums, and virtual ones explore or communicate lots of information with network connections. This energy is communicative, hybrid and emotional. This energy crosses the border between real and virtual - like internet articles that have been exchanged or generated continuously in networks, and the symbolism of words in articles. We might feel emotional 'temperatures' through the meaning of words. 'Happiness' and 'peace' is warmer than 'war' or 'suicide'. Cool words are decomposed gradually by communication and resonate of the repetitive movement of pendulums. In short, this piece mixes and reassigns words.

Semi Kim, Soongsil University
Hwanik Jo, Soongsil University
Junghwan Sung, Soongsil University
Byongsue Kang, Soongsil University
Jaeyoung Kim, Soongsil University
Hyohoun No, Soongsil University
Minjoo Lee, Soongsil University