Technical Papers

Korean Technical Papers Session

Friday, 17 December | 2:15 PM - 4:00 PM | Room E5

Presented in Korean / 한국어로 발표 됨

Session Chair

JeHee Lee

TOG Article: 140

Morphable Crowds

A novel method of blending crowd animations into a new crowd that exhibits the intervening formations and motion styles at an arbitrary scale.

Eunjung Ju
Seoul National University

Myung Geol Choi
Seoul National University

Minji Park
Seoul National University

Jehee Lee
Seoul National University

Kang Hoon Lee
Kwangwoon University

Shigeo Takahashi
The University of Tokyo

TOG Article: 154

Real-Time Collision Culling of a Million Bodies on Graphics Processing Units

A very fast, parallel, broad-phase collision-culling algorithm that can deal with a million objects. The algorithm is integrated with real-time simulation of particle dynamics and rigid-body dynamics.

Fuchang Liu
Ewha Womans University

Takahiro Harada
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Youngeun Lee
Ewha Womans University

Young J. Kim
Ewha Womans University

TOG Article: 172a

Computational Rephotography

A real-time estimation and visualization technique that helps users match the viewpoint of a reference photograph. Users can reach the desired viewpoint by following this visualization technique at capture time.

Soonmin Bae
Samsung Techwin

Aseem Agarwala
Adobe Systems, Inc.

Frédo Durand
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

TOG Article: 176

Detail-Preserving Fully-Eulerian Interface Tracking Framework

This paper presents a new fully Eulerian interface tracking framework that preserves fine details of liquid.

Nambin Heo
Seoul National University

Hyeong-Seok Ko
Seoul National University