Technical Papers

Reconstructing and Editing Geometry

Friday, 17 December | 9:00 AM - 10:45 AM | Room E1-E4

Presented in English / 영어로 발표 됨

Session Chair

Hugues Hoppe

TOG Article: 150

Cone Carving for Surface Reconstruction

Visibility cones carve the ambient space of the shape from inside out to better approximate the signed distances to the shape near holes and infer correct surface topology for reconstruction.

Shy Shalom
Tel Aviv University

Ariel Shamir
The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Richard (Hao) Zhang
Simon Fraser University

Daniel Cohen-Or
Tel Aviv University

TOG Article: 151

Automatic Reconstruction of Tree Skeletal Structures From Point Clouds

An automatic approach to reconstructing tree skeletal structures from point clouds that are often noisy, incomplete, and have trees with overlapping crowns.

Yotam Livny
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology

Feilong Yan
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology

Matt Olson
Simon Fraser University

Baoquan Chen
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology

Hao Zhang
Simon Fraser University

Jihad El-Sana
Ben Gurion University

TOG Article: 152

Analysis, Reconstruction and Manipulation Using Arterial Snakes

Arterial snakes for analyzing and reconstructing the arterial surfaces and decomposing them into a set of semantically useful arterial components, which benefits the manipulation of such surfaces.

Guo Li
Zhejiang University

Ligang Liu
Zhejiang University

Hanlin Zheng
Zhejiang University

Niloy Mitra
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

TOG Article: 153

Editing Operations for Irregular Vertices in Triangle Meshes

An interactive editing framework that provides control over the type, location, and number of irregular vertices in the input mesh.

Yuanyuan Li
Arizona State University

Eugene Zhang
Oregon State University

Yoshihiro Kobayashi
Arizona State University

Peter Wonka
Arizona State University