Job Descriptions

Each Intern is expected to work in one of the following job categories. You can request up to three preferences on the application form. All interns will be selected based on their abilities. Your preferences will not affect your acceptance chances, but they will be considered in the assignment process after all interns are selected. There is still a slight chance that you will not be assigned to one of your preferred job categories.

The number of interns in each job category is based on the needs of the conference committee and programs. After the selection and assignment process, some Interns may receive instructions about specific job assignments. This assignment system is designed to provide each intern with invaluable professional experience and deliver high-quality services to SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 attendees.

Conference Management Support

Attendee Registration Services
For this job, you need to be familiar with all SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 registration categories and their entitlements, and the main features of each program. You will receive a detailed introduction when you begin. Registration takes place not only at the main registration counter, but also in the speaker preparation room. Working as an Attendee Registration Service Intern allows you to learn about the process of attendee registration for an international conference and exhibition. In order to qualify for these positions you should speak at least one language, especially Japanese, other than English up to a conversational level. Applicants from outside the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques are welcome.

Operational Support Services
Operational Support Services Interns mainly work together with the conference organizer. In addition to responsibility for room access monitoring and logistics at major events (for example, the Electronic Theater, the Reception, etc.), they support the conference administration team and contractors in running the conference. Tasks include administrative support in the Conference Management Office and Exhibition Management Office, working with presenters (for example, on speaker preparation), and helping conference committee members. Applicants from outside the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques are welcome.

Language Support Services
SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 will draw thousands of attendees from Japan and throughout the world. Many of them will not be perfectly fluent in English, so SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 will provide as much language support as possible to its presenters and attendees. Possible support tasks range from ushering non-English-speaking attendees to translating the Q&A session of a conference presentation. If you speak at least one other language than English up to a conversational level you are well qualified for this job category. Japanese speakers with a decent knowledge of English are most welcome to apply. Being knowledgeable in the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques is an added advantage but not mandatory.

Program Management Support

Gallery Management Services
If you are interested in gallery or museum management, and hands on work with technology, this is for you. The Gallery Management Service team will be in the conference area early to assist with set-up and load-in for the Art Galley and Emerging Technologies. Once the show opens, Interns will have a variety of tasks, from assisting attendees with demos to offering guidance to visitors and overseeing the condition of the gallery and artworks.

Fast-forward Session Support Services
If you don't mind getting involved even before the conference starts, this category offers another chance to help the program chairs as they prepare their sessions. Responsibilities include; downloading presentation files to make sure they work, creating title and session slides, error and status reporting of each presentation to session chairs. MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, graphic design, video and audio, and Visual Basic skills are great advantages in this category. Details on specific assignments and hours will be provided after acceptance.

General Support Services
General Support Services Interns are responsible for room access monitoring and ushering attendees at many regular programs (for example, the Computer Animation Festival, Courses, the Educators Program, Sketches & Posters, and Technical Papers). Additional tasks will be added as program chairs request assistance from the Internship Program. Applicants from outside the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques are welcome.