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Deadlines and Extensions

1. When is the deadline to submit an application to the Internship Program?
The deadline for all completed Internship applications is 30 June 2009, 23:59 UTC/GMT (Tokyo time: 1 July, 8:59 am.)

2. Can I submit the application to the Internship Program after the deadline?
No. The deadline is absolute. All submissions receive equal consideration up until the published deadline. Please respect other applicants and allow time for unforeseen circumstances in your submission including, but not limited to, network connectivity, equipment failures, job impacts, life or family events, etc. These are outside of SIGGRAPH Asia 2009's direct control and cannot be administered fairly.

3. Why is this so absolute?
Firstly, the answer is fairness and equal opportunity for consideration. This respects the application process for everyone. Secondly, Internship deadlines were designed to maximize application development and quality for all applicants. Submission deadlines are set as late as possible, but they must also support quality in review, selection, and your efforts at SIGGRAPH Asia 2009.

4. Are partial or incomplete submissions considered?
No. Intern applicants are required to complete all application guidelines by the published deadline. The Internship Committee will evaluate the merit of each completed application as it was submitted at the deadline even if it does not meet the author's personal quality objectives. Please allow enough time to meet your own quality goals.

5. How will SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 address network failures?
SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 is only responsible for the availability of the submission server. If the Internship Program Chair is notified of a hardware or service failure for the submission system, he will authorize an appropriate adjustment and prominently post notices at several locations. All other network failures between your location and the SIGGRAPH server will not exempt you from the deadline. Please apply early to avoid connectivity-support problems or last-minute server performance. Note: The local clock on the submission server determines the final submission deadline time.

6. When and how will I be notified if I have been accepted?
All applicants who submit a completed application will be notified via email at the end of August 2009. Internship leaders will be notified approximately one week prior to this.


1. Where do I fill out and submit my application to be an Intern?
All applications must be submitted via the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Online Application Form.

2. How do I apply to be an Internship Leader?
The application for becoming an Internship Leader is part of the application form you submit to be an Intern. There is a section on the application form devoted to this topic. Applicants will be notified via email of their acceptance for Internship Leader positions in August 2009.

3. Can I apply for a specific type of Internship?
Yes. You can request up to three preferences on the application form. All interns will be selected based on their ability indicated in the application. Your preferences will not affect your acceptance chances. However, they will be considered in the assignment process after all interns are selected. For more information, see Job Descriptions.

4. How do I apply for a Travel Assistance Award?
The application for Travel Assistance Awards is part of the Internship application form. A section of the application form is devoted to this topic. Notifications of Travel Assistance Awards will be emailed to those selected to be Interns shortly after acceptance.

5. My email address will be changing soon. How can I notify you of the update?
You can change your contact information, including your email address, through the online submission system at any time.

6. I have completed the online application form, but it still allows me to edit my account. Am I done?
Yes. However, you may edit your online application account at any time until the deadline of 30 June 2009, 23:59 UTC/GMT.

7. I have graduated from my school and I am working now. Can I apply?
Yes. Alumni who graduated after 1 January 2006 can also apply to the Internship Program whether they have previous experience in the Student Volunteer Program or not.

8. I am a (co)author of a paper. Can I apply?
Yes. If you are accepted as a (co)author of a paper or a presenter, please email the Internship Program Committee before you arrive in Yokohama.

9. Am I expected to speak Japanese?
No. All applicants must be proficient only in English, and all applications must be submitted in English. Of course, language skills (especially in Japanese) add value to your application! Moreover, in order to qualify for a Language Support Services position, you should be able to speak at least one language, especially Japanese, other than English up to a conversational level.


1. What is the difference between the traditional Student Volunteers Program and the Internship Program?
They are similar. The Student Volunteer Program has been renamed to Internship Program this year because this encourages schools and faculties to allow their students to attend the conference. One main difference between the traditional Student Volunteers Program and the new Internship Program is that each Intern will be assigned to a specific work task for the duration of the conference. These positions include Attendee Management Support Services, Operational Support Services, Language Support Services, Gallery Management Services, Fast-Forward Session Support Services, and General Support Services.

2. On my application, I indicated that I need housing and agreed to work 24 hours. Will housing automatically be awarded to me?
No. Interns who fulfill 24 hours or more and who do not live in Yokohama or Tokyo (or whose commuting time is more than two hours) can apply for a housing award of up to six nights of accommodation in conference housing. Interns who are awarded housing will share accommodations with other accepted Interns. Applicants will receive notification of their housing awards upon acceptance.

3. Will I be able to experience some of the exhibits and other conference events?
Yes! This is one of the benefits of being an Intern. You will have the equivalent of a Full Conference registration, so you will be able to go almost anywhere in the conference, except those places that require special access. The exhibit hall and most of the conference will be open to you during your free time.

4. What is an Intern expected to do at SIGGRAPH Asia 2009?
Interns' jobs and activities differ from position to position. They can consist of anything from checking attendee badges at the sessions to assisting presenters and attendees with translations and helping contributors with their installations. Please see Job Descriptions for a summary of expected tasks.

5. What is an Internship Leader expected to do at SIGGRAPH Asia 2009?
Internship Leader jobs and activities are similar to those of Interns but also include managing Interns in their areas and coordinating interns' duties with SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Committee members. Typically, each Internship Leader is assigned to a specific program and coordinates Intern staffing and tasks with that program's committee. Internship Leaders train and supervise Interns, assist committee members, help attendees, and solve problems.

6. Where can I find more information about SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 events and schedules?
All information about SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 can be found on the official web site.

Upon Acceptance and at SIGGRAPH Asia 2009

1. When am I expected to arrive in Yokohama?
All accepted Interns must plan to arrive in Yokohama no later than 4 pm on Monday, 14 December 2009 and depart no earlier than Sunday, 20 December 2009.

2. I'm an Intern working 24 hours, and I am receiving complimentary hotel accommodation. I will arrive a day early at the conference. Can I get an extra night of accommodation?
No. If you are concerned about expenses, you may apply for a Travel Assistance Award.

3. I have been accepted as an Intern but am no longer able to attend the conference. Who should I notify?
If you need to decline your position for any reason, please email the Internship Committee as soon as possible so that we can make preparations for your absence.

4. Are meals provided by the Internship Program?
No. Each Intern is responsible for his or her own meals at the conference. You will receive a limited number of meal vouchers for use in the convention center's concessions. Depending on items purchased, this may cover only one meal at the convention center. SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 also hosts one reception where food is served. Interns should plan their budgets accordingly.

5. What should I wear during the conference?
Comfortable clothes and shoes (appropriate t-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, jeans, trousers, sneakers). Many attendees dress casually during the conference, and formal business attire is generally not required. During December, the weather is cold in Yokohama. It is very important that you bring comfortable shoes! You will be walking quite a bit during the week, and comfort is key. Please remember that this is a professional conference. If you are not sure if something is appropriate or could be considered offensive, please ask.

6. How early will I be expected to work?
Depending on the duties assigned, Interns may have shifts that start as early as 7:30 am. Interns need to report to the Interns office 30 minutes prior to their shift's start time to be marked present. Interns will then be taken to their assigned places by their Internship Leaders.

7. How late am I expected to work?
Most of the events will be finished around 6 or 7 pm at the latest. However, there are shifts that run later. Some Interns may have schedules that run as late as 11 pm.

8. I have a laptop with a wireless network card. Will I be able to connect to the Internet at the convention center?
Wireless service will be available throughout the convention center during SIGGRAPH Asia 2009. The Internship Program office will also have connected computers available for Interns to use during the conference.

9. I'm flying internationally. How early should I leave for the airport when I depart?
Most airlines require that you check in two hours in advance of your departure time for international flights. Please contact your airline for more specific information.

10. Are cameras allowed into the conference?
SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 does not allow Interns to bring cameras or recording devices. You can take your camera to the receptions, but cameras at the convention center are not permitted.

11. Am I allowed to bring personal items and bags to the convention center?
Yes. The Internship Program office will have a limited number of lockers available for use during daytime hours to store personal items and bags. However, SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

12. What should I do if I am dismissed early from my shift?
If you are dismissed early from your shift, you should inform your Internship Leader on duty and then report to the Internship Program office. If you cannot find your Internship Leader, please report directly to the Internship Program office.


1. My question is not in these FAQs. Who should I ask?
If your question is not answered on this web site, please send a message to the Internship Committee. We will answer your question and post additional information on the web site, or send a message out to students if it applies to the Intern population as a whole.