Emerging Technologies: Submission Rules & Requirements

VERY IMPORTANT: Before you prepare a proposal to Emerging Technologies, review the requirements that you must meet if your proposal is accepted.

Use these instructions to ensure that your submission is complete and that it meets all applicable program requirements:

Emerging Technologies proposals must be submitted electronically via the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 online submission system. No other method of submission will be accepted. Fax submissions are not accepted. Only the files and supporting material uploaded through the submission system will be considered for review.

Begin by starting a new submission in the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Emerging Technologies Online Submission Form. When you begin the form, your submission will be assigned a submission identification (ID) number that will be used to identify your submission throughout the review process. You can modify the form up until the deadline. If required information is missing, your form will be marked Incomplete. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

The form is divided into five sections:

Submission Form
This is where you give a detailed text description of your installation. The fields are:

  • Category/technology: How would you best categorize your piece or the technology it uses? Choose one existing keyword from the supplied list, or submit your own.
  • Executive summary (50 words or less): A brief one- or two-sentence summary that you could use to concisely explain your project's innovation to the hundreds of people you will meet each day at SIGGRAPH Asia 2009.
  • Give an overview of the goals of your project and its innovations, and how it will affect our lives in the future (maximum 300 words): a concise description of what your project is all about and why it is significant. This text should be a stand-alone description of the project, suitable for publication. It will be used for online publicity and the printed catalog.
  • What are the core technical innovations of the work? Describe your project's technical innovations in significant depth. What have you developed? What are the critical pieces that you designed? Is it new technology or a creative use of existing technology?
  • Describe the experience for SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 attendees: What are the logistics for presenting this project in Emerging Technologies? Remember that this is a hands-on exhibition. You must convince the jury that the work is viable at the time of submission and can withstand the abuse of thousands of SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 attendees. Give a detailed description of what a participant will experience. How many people can participate at one time? How long is the experience? Is throughput going to be a problem? How long will you need for setup? How much space will you need? What technical infrastructure must be in place to support this project? How many people will it take in the booth to explain your presentation? Note that you will also submit a floor plan with detailed layout.
  • Place your work in context: How does this work expand on prior work? How is this approach different from what has been previously attempted? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your approach? Make sure to include references to previous work, including your own.
  • References: Provide a full list of relevant previously published works by yourself and others.
  • Has this work appeared or been submitted elsewhere? Indicate whether this work has been presented, published, or submitted elsewhere. This includes work that is closely derivative of other work or techniques. If so, please give details.
  • Project URL: If your project has a public web page which you would like to make available to the reviewers, include the URL here.

Acceptance Agreement
This form grants ACM SIGGRAPH the necessary rights to have your work presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2009.

Manage Files
Here, you can upload files that complement your submission, including diagrams, images and video. This includes:

  • Optional PDF (maximum 10 MB): To complement your submission, you may upload a single PDF document with pictures, diagrams, additional text, and any other material that you think helps explain your work.
  • Two images for publication (300 dpi, 1,500 x 1,200): Images should typically be a minimum of 1,500 pixels wide and 1,200 pixels tall to be suitable for publication. If your native format is smaller than that (for example, video) submit the highest resolution image possible. At least 300 dpi at 4 inches tall x 5 inches wide. Pixel resolution of at least 1,500 x 1,200. No compression, Mac or PC platforms. Images MUST be submitted in digital format.
  • Floor plan: Submit detailed layout of space needed for installation, including power requirements, exact dimensions of floor space and height, lighting, audio, power sources, furniture such as tables, etc.
  • Supplemental video, maximum five minutes: Maximum 100 MB. The best way to communicate an interactive installation is through video. We strongly encourage all Emerging Technologies submitters to provide a video with English narration and/or text that explains the main points of their submissions. Make sure to test your video on a variety of different operating systems and media players before submitting it! Allowed formats: QuickTime, AVI, Windows Media.

Technical Requirements
On this page, you give detailed information about your needs for networking, electricity, set-up time, and other resources for a successful Emerging Technologies exhibit.

Manage Contributors
On this page you can manage the list of contributors to your submission and their affiliations.

OPTIONAL: Non-native English speakers may use the English Review Service to help with text of submissions. Please note that this takes time, so your submission must be sent to the English Review Service well in advance of the published deadline. Make sure to indicate your request by ticking the appropriate checkbox in the submission form.