Computer Animation Festival

The SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Computer Animation Festival celebrates the contributions of artists, designers, and scientists to our understanding of the world through the medium of computer animation. The festival presents a comprehensive and compelling distillation of the best work in the world that advances animation, visualization, real-time rendering, and entertainment via computer animation, and we invite you to submit your work to become part of the festival.

The Computer Animation Festival includes Electronic Theater screenings, a number of Animation Theater rooms where the full breadth of this years' work in computer animation can be enjoyed at length, and a series of special events organized for attendees. Both the Electronic Theater and the Animation Theaters are primarily composed of juried works, supplemented by invited works to round out the program.

The submission deadline was 27 June 2009. The jury's decisions will be announced in August 2009.

The complete list of accepted works will be available at Computer Animation Festival in September

Leo Hourvitz
Computer Animation Festival Chair
Polygon Pictures, Inc.