Computer Animation Festival: Frequently Asked Questions

I have submitted my work to the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival in the past. Is it OK if I submit the same work to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Computer Animation Festival?
Yes. You can submit the same work to SIGGRAPH Asia 2009. We are independent festivals with separate juries and acceptance procedures.

Do submissions have to be 3D animations?
Absolutely not. All forms of computer animation are eligible including, but not limited to: 2D Flash animation, 2D abstract art, live-action integration with visual effects, real-time videogame play and visualizations, and digitally manipulated imagery and video. We generally feature works where the computer was essential to the creation of the work, but there is no specific requirement that it be 3D. If you have computer-generated work within a larger piece, we request that you call our attention specifically to the portion where the computer was heavily used.

How many works can I submit to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Computer Animation Festival?
There is no limit. You may submit as many as you like. Make sure that you complete a separate submission form for each work.

Is there a submission fee for submitting to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Computer Animation Festival?
No. You only need to complete the online submission process.

Can I submit the same piece to both the Computer Animation Festival and to the Sketches or Art Gallery?
You are welcome to submit animations to the Computer Animation Festival, and to submit related presentations to Sketches, and to submit related artwork to the Art Gallery. Each submission requires a separate online form, however. The Computer Animation Festival submissions should all be movies that can be viewed. If your piece requires interactivity, or if it requires an accompanying presentation to be understood, please consider one of the other programs.

I have an art animation (abstract or experimental). Should I submit it to the Art Gallery or to the Computer Animation Festival?
All animation submissions should be submitted to the Computer Animation Festival.

Where do I send my submission materials?
All works must be submitted only via the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 online submission system. The online submission process allows submitters easy access to the online submission system, eliminates time-consuming shipping and mailing, and provides an efficient procedure for reviewing submitted work.

When is the submission deadline for the Computer Animation Festival?
Online submission forms must be completed no later than 26 June 2009, 23:59 GMT (Los Angeles, 26 June, 16:59; London, 27 June, 00:59; Tokyo, 27 June, 08:59). In the event submissions become crowded and the MD5 checksum feature is activated, final uploads must be complete by 3 July 2009. Submissions received after the deadlines will not be reviewed. There is no exception, so please make sure that all submissions are completed before the deadlines.

I will not have my work finished by the submission deadline. Is it possible for me to submit "work in progress" for reviewing?
Yes, a work in process may be submitted if it is at least 80% percent complete. However, you should remember that the juried program will likely be highly competitive, so your chances of selection are significantly better if you submit the final piece by the deadline.

We are an art school, and we are planning to submit several student works as one submission. Is this OK?
No. Each piece must be uploaded separately to the online submission system along with its own completed and signed submission form. Each piece is judged on its own merit.

What file formats are acceptable for submission?
QuickTime .mov movie files are the preferred format for jury reviewing. If necessary, AVI files or MP4 files may also be submitted. The movie file must be uploaded via the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 online submission system. For details, please refer to the Submission Rules and Requirements.

What criteria will the jury use to select works?
Jurors are expected to select the highest quality works from among those submitted. We give special consideration to pieces produced by students, and to pieces rendered in real time, and we may consider the technical aspects of the piece as well; however, our primary criterion is to select the pieces we feel will form the strongest show.

What is the difference between the juried program and the curated program?
The juried program presents work selected by the jury that represents the best computer-generated film and video in the world. The curated program is used to round out the program by inviting special presentations of pieces on chosen topics.

Why must the credits be no more than seven seconds?
Unfortunately, to maintain the pace of the program for the sake of our attendees, SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Computer Animation Festival policy requires that all credits sections must be no more than seven seconds. Note that this is not required for submitting an animation.

My animation makes use of commercially recorded music. Is that OK?
You are responsible for securing the necessary permissions and licences for audio material that is contained in your work. If your music was not created originally for your film or video, or if you are using another person's music, you must obtain the necessary permissions or required licences. We will not purchase these rights for you.

Will SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 cover shipping expenses for the final screening format of my work, if it is accepted?
No. SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 does not pay for any shipping or transportation costs.

If my work is selected for the Computer Animation Festival, will SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 pay for my accommodation and travel expenses?
No. You are responsible for your accommodation and travel expenses. For details, please refer to the Presenter Recognition Policy.