Art Gallery: Submission Rules & Requirements

Types of Artwork
The SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Art Gallery will feature a diverse, international body of art and design, ranging from pieces driven by technology to works that critically comment on our technological society. The works will be selected based on four criteria: the depth of the concept of the work, aesthetics, craftsmanship, and relevance to the theme of the show.

Media include, but are not limited, to the following categories:

  • 2D and 3D artwork, such as digital prints, paintings, and sculpture
  • Art installations and environments
  • Interactive work: installations, web-based art, responsive media, robotics, touch-screens, wearable art
  • Time-based work (video/animation): for monitors, installations, or projections
  • Artwork using digital communities: including alternative networks, mobile, and locative media
  • Performance: electronically mediated performances, interactive performances, and digital art happenings
  • Artwork using digital audio
  • Works of design

Requirements for All Submissions
All submissions and supporting materials must be submitted via the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Art Gallery Online Submission Form. All submissions must include:

  • Completed online submission form
    Complete the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Art Gallery Online Submission Form. There you will find instructions on how to complete the online form. At the end of the online process, your entry will be assigned a submission ID number. Take note of this number for the rest of the submission requirements. A separate submission form must be completed for each submitted work. You can edit and add to your submission form (using the same login and submission ID) as many times as you like before the official submission deadline: 5 June 2009.
  • Documentation of artwork
    High-resolution images of artwork, additional detail image, video/audio files. Please follow the file requirements in Submitting Documentation of Artwork.
  • Publishable artist's statement (200-300 words)
    Include a description of the concept and intent of your work.
  • Publishable technical statement (100-200 words)
    This statement should explain how digital or electronic technology was involved in the piece.
  • URL for additional information (optional)
    This does NOT replace the information required on the submission form.
  • Floor plan
    If your project includes hardware or special use of space, you must submit a detailed floor plan (PDF format) including minimum floor space required, dimensions of all components, lighting, audio, power, and network requirements.
    Include a list of required hardware and software that you will provide. Indicate any specific audio/visual equipment you need at the conference and be specific (2K or 4K projector, how many channels of audio diffusion, internet connection, etc.). Include the time required to install or prepare your work. Be as specific and thorough as possible. It is important that you estimate your equipment and setup time as realistically as possible. Very basic assistance will be provided, but you are responsible for your own setup and teardown in a timely manner.

Submitting Documentation of Artwork
All submissions must include documentation of the work. Please refer to Uploading Files for more information on how to upload files to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 online submission system. Use the checklist below to ensure that your submission is complete and meets all applicable program requirements for your particular medium. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions to clarify your artwork's category.

If you are submitting static work that does not have movement, sound, or other time-based properties, (for example, 2D digital prints in a frame, design objects) you are only required to submit two images. If your work has properties of motion, time-based visuals, interactivity, audio, and other transformative qualities, then video and/or audio documentation are required in addition to the two images required. It is the responsibility of the artist to determine what documentation adequately demonstrates the quality and content of the work. Here is a checklist of required items:

  • One publishable digital image of the highest quality possible, at least 300 dpi and at approximately 1500 x 1200 pixels (or the highest possible screen-grab). TIFF file format, no compression, MAC or PC. This will be printed as a 10 cm tall x 12.7 cm wide image in the catalog if your work is selected.
  • A second image to show a detail of your work (smaller file to be viewed on monitor, jpg format).
  • Title, size (dimension of work), and date of completion (for performances, please include performance group name, duration, and date of first performance).
  • Works with motion, interactivity, time-based work, etc.: One video file, maximum three minutes in length, in a cross-platform viewable format (QuickTime, mpeg, or AVI format, 100 megabytes or less per file).
  • Works with audio: One audio file, maximum three minutes in length, in a cross-platform audio format (MP3, AIF, WAV, 100 megabytes or less per file).
  • Optional: Additional image uploads (up to four) and URL.

Additional Information
There is no limit to the number of pieces you can submit, but a separate submission form must be submitted for each submitted work. If your work is a series, enter the components of the series together as a single submission.