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Technical Papers Fast Forward
Level 1, Main Hall
Wednesday, 16 December, 18:00 - 20:00
An entertaining, illuminating summary of SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Technical Papers in one exciting, fun-filled hour! Authors are allowed a little less than a minute to wow the crowd with their results and entice attendees to hear their complete paper presentation later in the week.

The SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Technical Papers program is a premier international forum for presenting new research in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Leading international experts from Asia and beyond present peer-reviewed research in physical simulation, animation control, real-time and photo-realistic rendering, geometric and urban modeling, hair capture and styling, texturing, image and video processing and resizing, GPU algorithms, and sound. One session of four papers includes duplicate presentations in Japanese.

The following papers are published in the December 2009 issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics, which is available online to subscribers to the ACM Digital Library. The article numbers listed in the session page links below will help you locate the text of these papers in the Digital Library, as well as any auxiliary materials the authors have supplied.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Technical Papers:

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