Ex-Student Volunteers

In order to apply, you must complete two critical steps:

1. If you are eligible to participate, you must express your interest by submitting an online application form. This form requests some basic information about yourself and your previous involvement in the annual SIGGRAPH conference. It asks you to provide:

  • A brief description of your Student Volunteer experience or any other SIGGRAPH involvement to date.

  • A brief explanation of why you want to participate in the XSV apprentice programme.

  • A brief résumé of your academic and professional activities.

  • Your ordered preferences for the conference programmes you would like to work with.

  • What support or constraints you expect from your employer or family.

  • How much time (average and peak) you can spend on SIGGRAPH-related volunteer service.

  • The names and contact information of your three references.

2. Ask three recent professors and your current employer, if any, to write a letter of recommendation for you. All letters of recommendation should be sent to the Conference Chair (chair_asia2008 (at) siggraph.org).

Things to consider when asking for a recommendation letter:

  • You cannot write your own recommendation letter.

  • Good recommendation sources include professors and employers who:
    Know you well

    Know your specific skills and interests with respect to
    computer graphics

    Can give a candid assessment of what it's like to work with you.

    Can communicate your level of commitment