Sketches & Posters

For SIGGRAPH Asia 2008, we are adopting most of the changes that were successfully introduced at SIGGRAPH 2007.

Sketches & Posters Merger
Sketches and Posters have always shared the goal of presenting new, innovative ideas that can be described in a single page. Continuing with the new format adopted for SIGGRAPH 2007, these two forums are now merged into a single, cohesive programme, with one submission process, one deadline, and one jury. Only the presentation style differs.

By default, each submission will be considered for either presentation forum, to be decided by the jury. However, submitters may choose to specify that their work be considered for only one or the other. Due in part to the limited number of oral presentation slots, Sketches have historically been more competitive than Posters. We anticipate that this trend will persist, and that the very strongest submissions will be selected for presentation in an auditorium. Beware that if a submission is specified as "Sketches only" and it's rejected, it will not be considered for a Poster presentation.

Presentation Venues
Sketches are presented in an auditorium, pretty much the way Technical Papers are. Presentation time is a little shorter, but that's about the only difference. Posters will be presented in a high-traffic area within the convention centre. Additional promotion measures will further enhance the visibility of this forum. The main one is of course scheduled sessions, in which the authors are required to stand next to their Posters so they can explain their work to attendees.

Posters Interpreted Broadly
Traditionally, the Sketches programme has been varied in its content, while the Posters programme has focused only on technical research. This is not the case anymore, as both forums will accept a broader range of work from several related fields (art, interactive technology, production techniques, etc.) in addition to technical research. Participants in the Posters programme will also be encouraged to bring laptops and/or physical media to supplement their presentations if appropriate.

Using Checksums During Submission
Submitters to Sketches & Posters for SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 will have the option to use checksums to alleviate concerns about sending large files over slow connections. Detailed information on checksums will be available here as the submission deadline approaches.