Computer Animation Festival

New Vision: SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Computer Animation Festival

This Computer Animation Festival will feature outstanding animated works from all over the world. One of the highlights will be the convergence of state-of-the-art animation technology and "hybrid" content featuring a plethora of genres. Expect surprises when we explore shifts in the techniques used, and prepare to be awed by innovative and exciting works from technical and artistic creators.

We plan to present a variety of works such as animated shorts, visual effects, interactive CG art, scientific visualisation, machinima, games, real-time graphics, and more.

There will be special programmes, in which the audience can enjoy outstanding animation classics and the latest shorts and feature releases. We envisage a world-class festival that offers inspiring interaction with animation masters.

Online Submission
The Computer Animation Festival requires online submissions. This process allows submitters easy access to the online submission system, eliminates time-consuming shipping and mailing, and provides an efficient procedure for reviewing submitted work. Submitters must follow the Submission Rules & Requirements and upload their work in the proper format(s) to be eligible for consideration.

Only works completed during or after 2007 will be considered by the Computer Animation Festival. Submissions to the competition programme should be in one of the following categories:

  • Animated short (narrative, character, or other)
  • Art (experimental, abstract)
  • Combined animation techniques (2D, 3D, Flash, etc.)
  • Interactive CG art
  • Machinima and other emerging techniques
  • Promotional animation (commercials, educational films, etc.)
  • Real-time visuals
  • Scientific visualisation and research
  • Video clips (music, games, documentary, etc.)
  • Visual effects (sequences, research)

Online Submission Forms must be completed no later than 20 June 2008. The deadline for uploading materials for jury review is 11 July 2008. Submissions received after the deadlines will not be reviewed. There is no exception, so please make sure that all submissions are completed before the deadlines. Don't miss your golden opportunity. We want to see your imagination and creativity.

Review Process
All submissions to the Computer Animation Festival will be reviewed by a jury of experts in computer graphics, interative techniques, and related areas. Submitters will receive notification of acceptance by the middle of August 2008.

If your work is accepted, the committee will request your screening materials and provide specific format requirements.

Screening Programmes
Competition Programme: Jury-selected pieces, the best works of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Computer Animation Festival, will be shown during the conference. Works in the competition programme will be considered for the official awards of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Computer Animation Festival.

Curated Programme: Remarkable films from classics to experimental explorations of the latest technologies. This special program of short subjects and features presents an intriguing collection of world-renowned animated works from the past, present, and future.

Presenter Recognition
See the Presenter Recognition Policy for a summary of what you will receive if your proposal is accepted by SIGGRAPH Asia 2008.