Lighting & Reflectance

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Saturday, 13 December
10:30 - 12:00
Room 302
Session Chair: Wojciech Jarosz

B-Spline Volume vs. Other BRDF Models
This sketch shows that the B-spline volume representation is more suitable for fitting to measured BRDF data than two popular analytical models such as Cook-Torrance and Lafortune.

Joo-Haeng Lee
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
SPARTA: A Scalable Architecture for Ray-Tracing Applications
A low-cost, scalable hardware and software infrastructure for high-performance, interactive ray tracing of very large models that will target large-scale visualisation applications.

Ross Brennan
Michael Manzke
Trinity College Dublin
Spatial-Directional Radiance Caching
Spatial-directional radiance caching accelerates indirect illumination computation on arbitrary glossy surfaces. The main idea is to perform lazy indirect illumination evaluation in both the spatial and directional domains.

Václav Gassenbauer
Czech Technical University in Prague

Jaroslav Křivánek
Cornell University
Fast, Approximate HDR Image-Based Lighting Using Summed-Area Tables
A method to rapidly generate higher-order summed-area tables that allows multiple tables to be generated dynamically while maintaining interactive frame rates.

Justin Hensley
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Thorsten Scheuermann
Valve Software