Visual Simulation

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Saturday, 13 December
08:30 - 10:00
Room 302
Session Chair: Geoff Wyvil

Visual Simulation of Scattering and Settling of Fine Particles
This approach to simulating scattered fine particles can simulate the phenomenon in which particles are scattered by the wind and subsequently settle.

Tetsuyuki Minamihara
Maki Terai
Reiji Tsuruno
Kyushu University
A Visual Simulation for Gold Leaf and Japanese Lacquerware
A method for faithfully representing gold leaf and Japanese lacquer using spectral BRDF and a method for laying out craft materials.

Kazunori Miyata
Kaisei Sakurai
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Toshihiro Tomoi
Hiroshi Tashimo
Koji Imao
Yoshiyuki Sakaguchi
Digital Fashion Limited
Fire Simulation and Rendering for "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army"
How Double Negative developed a new fluid simulation system for the pyrokinetic character Liz, resulting in fast, highly detailed fire simulations and renders.

Eugenie von Tunzelmann
May Leung
Double Negative Visual Effects
Interactive Simulation of the Process of Glottal-Wave Generation Using a GPU
A FDLB (compressible and thermal fluid)-MPS(new anisotropic elastics model) coupling method using GPU to directly simulate the process of of glottal-wave generation during human phonation.

Kazuhiko Yamamoto
Kyushu University