Interactive Techniques

Full Conference  One-Day Full Conference

Thursday, 11 December
15:45 - 17:15
Room 302
Session Chair: Matt Adcock

Balance Ball Interface
Only the user sits on the balance ball, and this system captures the user's rough motion and behaviour.

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Masasuke Yasumoto
Tokyo University of the Arts
Fu-Fuu: An Interactive Game Using Breath Control
A novel game interface that uses a player's position and breath captured via a camera and a microphone to manipulate a virtual paper airplane.

Taichi Nishiyori
Soei Sato
Toki Takeda
Narumi Tashiro
Ryoichi Ando
Maki Terai
Taketoshi Ushiama
Reiji Tsuruno
Kyushu University
Tracking the Position of a Mobile Device on Interactive Screens With RFID
A novel method for identifying and tracking the position of mobile devices on interactive screens and a prototype system of the proposed method.

Sang-Jun Han
Kuk-Hyun Han
Pil Seung Yang
Bo Hyun Kyung
Samsung Electronics
Bear's Beer and Smart Platter -Handheld Interactive Haptic Display
A new tray-shaped force-feedback display with an interactive robot and a vision-based positioning system. This method enables haptic interaction in handheld devices.

Tomohiro Amemiya
NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Hideyuki Ando
Taro Maeda
Osaka University