Recent Production Techniques at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

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Thursday, 11 December
13:45 - 15:15
Session Chair: Ken Anjyo

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" TV Series: Making the Impossible Happen
In creating episodes of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars,"s flexibility is the key. It requires an adaptable pipeline and lighting tools that enable completion of several tasks in one render calculation.

Ryan T. Smith
Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

The Invisible Art Behind "Ironman"
What is real and what is not? In "Ironman," suspension of disbelief due to the larger-than-life action and realistic backgrounds was the ultimate goal for matte painters.

Danny Janevski
Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

Keeping It Real: Classical Art Principles in Today's VFX Features
The tools have changed, but it is still the artist's process, rooted in the knowledge of basic artistic principles, that make visual effects convincing and realistic.

Kalene Dunsmoor
Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

Lighting Clone Wars: A New Planet Every Week
How to bring the vast Star Wars universe to TV without making it look small? The challenge of introducing new characters and locations in every episode, on a TV production schedule.

Ben Huber
Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

Clone Wars Animation in Lucasfilm Animation Singapore
What does it take to animate "Star Wars: The Clone Wars?" From stills and shots, learn how animators bring the Star Wars universe and its colorful characters to life.

Ullas Narayana
Lucasfilm Animation Singapore