An Augmented Tabletop Video Game With Pinching Gesture Recognition

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A novel interaction technique for a multi-player tabletop entertainment system that recognises quick tapping gestures for position and orientation input using a high-speed camera.

Enhanced Life
This technology enables more intuitive and entertaining interaction between humans and interactive surfaces such as tabletop systems.

To recognise various human behaviours, including very quick motions, and enable intuitive and entertaining interaction between humans and displays.

The main innovation is a new interaction technique that recognises tapping gestures. In tests with multiple users, the system achieved a high-response bimanual interaction. It uses a high-speed camera to track positions, orientations, and quick tapping gesture.

In the near future, interactive surfaces will be ubiquitous. Walls, tabletops, floors, and other surfaces in private and public spaces will provide interactive communication and experiences.

Kentaro Fukuchi
Japan Science and Technology Agency

Toshiki Sato
Haruko Mamiya
Hideki Koike
The University of Electro-Communications