Augmented Reality Authoring for Artists and Designers

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By using ARToolkit for marker tracking and Touch Designer (a commercial, real-time 3D environment) for modeling, rendering, and compositing real and virtual images, artists and designers can quickly create interactive AR environments.

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When artists can directly control underlying technologies without an intermediary such as a programmer, they can take more creative risks and push their ideas further.

The primary goal is to bring the technologies for making augmented reality out of the labs and into the hands of artists, designers, and other creative practitioners. Eventually, this will serve a wider goal: hastening augmented reality's transition from a technology to a true expressive medium and part of our collective culture.

This system is essentially a novel combination of existing technologies: the marker-tracking capabilities of ARToolkit and the 3D-display capabilities of Touch Designer. The most important component is the procedual-flow-style interface that eliminates the need for C++ programming and makes the designer's job easier.

In the future, end-user programming tools like this one will allow people to customize their own augmented reality environments and generally have more control over the technology that surrounds them.

Rodney Berry
National University of Singapore

Marina Oikawa
Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Janaka Prasad
National University of Singapore

Jörg Unterberg
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Wei Liu
Adrian David Cheok
National University of Singapore

Hirokazu Kato
Nara Institute of Science and Technology