Practice Project Management in Web Site Design: An Experiential Learning Simulation

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The current literature suggests that experiential learning is a necessary component of formal instruction in higher education. But research on experiential learning in web site design development and management is minimal. The purpose of this project is to detail research on how to blend experiential learning principles with project management into an actual case of web site design practice for the new age of electronic learning.

Art and design faculties are no strangers to experiential learning. One cannot learn the complexities of the design discipline without extensive design studio projects. Where experiential learning is well integrated, students demonstrate a greater understanding of the complexity of real-world problems. By combining theory with practice, this project helps the academic community understand the relationships among education, work, and technology. It also provides rich dialogues about students' experiential learning, which helps them build a foundation for professional life in the real world. In this approach, the "process" is as important as the "product." This study hopes to stimulate further work in this area.

Mei-Fen Chen
Robert Morris College