Comparison of Animation Storyboard Education in China and the United States

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More and more Chinese universities and schools have started teaching animation storyboard courses, but there is still a shortage of original work produced by the Chinese animation industry. This paper discusses the development of Chinese animation storyboard education and compares it to similar programmes in the US. The result is new insight into how to most effectively teach animation storyboarding.

The inquiry focuses, in part, on development of story and visual content, and how storyboard artists develop concepts. Animation storyboard programmes are compared through an examination of their curricula, faculty, 2D and 3D computer animation works, lab facilities, environmental and aesthetic aspects, and contrasts between the two cultures. Practical approaches to teaching are also discussed. The goal of this presentation is to provide an international perspective on animation storyboard education and a summary of the current state of Chinese animation.

Hui Zhu
Xiaobo Lu
Tsinghua University

Frank Suarez
Bunko Studios, Inc.