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artist statement

The idea behind the project *fabric | ch vs lab[au] //in electroscape//* is to generate a digital content installation and exhibition within *Electroscape* virtual environment. All the process should be finished by the end of the week in San Antonio. Electroscape is a digital experimentation and exhibition structure previously known under the name *La_Fabrique* [ HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" ]. As so, it can also be considered as an anticipative design structure where radical design questions can be asked.

Two teams of electronic and information architects [fabric | ch and lab[au]] will produce a collaborative and/or antagonist design and thinking around the generic theme of *electroscape*: digital and mutated landscape, mixed or enhanced reality, information architecture, electrosmog and electromagnetic territories, etc. What are the new memes?/the new schemes? What are the new possibilities? And how can technology modify our daily environment? The purpose of this design, this project, is to investigate those questions while transforming a pre-existing structure that will be developed as a base for the week in San Antonio: will become an open source of ideas, designs and technologies.

fabric | ch keywords: IP architecture, _tmp_archi, downloadable environments, distributed and micro architecture, electronic [-magnetic] landscapes, dynamic [data-based] spaces, multi fictional constructions, hybridation.