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Brit Bunkley

project proposal
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I propose to build one or more large scale digital rapid prototype sculptures on site by "printing" sections of the sculpture, then joining together the sections producing sculpture(s) at a scale significantly larger than the allowable envelope of rapid prototyping machines. 'Hand Machine 2', recently completed, is to be built at a scale approximately 3 times the scale possible in a single build of most current rapid prototyping machines. The new large envelope rapid prototyping or a CNC machine will allow a scale approximately 6 times the size of the prototype recently completed illustrated in the accompanying photograph.

The sculpture(s) will be built/printed at Siggraph using the rapid prototyping equipment that is provided through the equipment program at The Studio. The printed sections, using the largest envelope possible from the rapid prototyping machines available would be epoxied together and the seams sealed - the seals becoming part of the overall design element (indicating the process of fabrication).
In addition, to building rapid prototypes, I will also create related 2D prints as output on the large format printer.