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Yohiki Nishimura

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I. Some sketches were drawn for making my
concept solid.

II. Many sequential sets of photographs were taken from various transportation rides such as a revolving ferris wheel, a commercial jet liner, a super express train, etc.. These successive series of photographs were taken because parallax views were absolutely necessary for the use of a match move software "Mamoe". Mamoe calculates 3D space and locations of a camera.

III. "Transposition I" & "Transposition II" were completed earlier. These preceding works have not been presented in public yet because both of them were not quite satisfactory.

IV. Lots of sketches were drawn for "Transposition III".

V. Operating Mamoe for successive clouds images was extremely painful and tedious work. When 3D space is defined by Mamoe, fixed locations on photo images are generally used for tracking points. However, clouds in the sky kept changing their shapes and also shifting locations. To obtain satisfactory data, I had to overcome numerous failures.

VI. The 3D data calculated by Mamoe were imported to Softimage3D.

VII. Photoshop was used for combining the rendered images with the scanned photo images.