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Jessica Maloney
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technical statement

Someone, Somewhere, Sometime, is a mixed media piece but the image that is included was developed using inkjet transfer on silkscreen, created using Adobe Photoshop version 6.0. The dream-like face in the image was originally a photograph, but was then transformed by an overlaying texture created from a scanned in drawing of a pot, plus a scan of saran wrap, and manipulation in the computer. After the image was finished it was printed onto inkjet transfer paper, which began the process of bringing the digital image into the physical realm. Once the image was on the paper it was cut down to size and sprayed with a fixative. After drying, the it was submerged into water for 60 seconds, which allowed the thin, plastic-like transfer to separate from the sturdier paper backing. The transfer was then applied to the silkscreen and patted with a towel to release any air pockets.The box, which makes up the outside structure of Someone, Somewhere, Sometime, was made from used silkscreen frames that were glued and then hinged together. This was then combined with wooden rods, wood stain, permanent markers, pencil, and found objects in the creation of the final piece.