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Atsushi Kasao
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technical statement

SIC is used to create Webcam Art. The SIC is constituted of several GIMP plug-in modules and it provides a wide variety of expressions. GIMP is an open source photo retouch software working on Linux and windows. Original functions of GIMP were only used to adjust color balance, so I can say that all creative steps were processed algorithmically by SIC. Creating a large-sized rendering image from a small image like a web camera image is one of characteristics of this software. SIC has the following other important characteristics:

1. can control color and texture separately;

2. provides numerous expressions;

3. can select and/or create color map created from excellent paintings;

4. has an ability to resist your own rendering expressions;

5. creates an artwork with the history of its rendering process.

All of the characteristics mostly come from vector data handling ability of SIC.

SIC is a key technology of Webcam Art, however, I can't make this type of art without the Internet and web cameras. Controllable web cameras have made my expression wide.
SIC's first version was created by the author, but the current version has been produced by core members of Synergistic Art Project. This project was formed for revising SIC about one year ago. We are now planning to announce the SIC as an Open Source Software. If you are interested in SIC, you can get some information and SIC (Linux version and Windows version) on our Web Site at :