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Atsushi Kasao

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There are many web cameras in the world that bring the world into my we can see the world in my room. But who do these image belong to? In real world, we can take a photograph or draw a sketch of scenery in the world and use these created images and works for any purpose. Can I use the images I found through web cameras as creative material? Who has copyrights on these?

The Internet has had ability to make all of us information senders. Actually, even I can send images from our laboratory by a web camera. In the next step of the Internet development, the Internet should have ability to make us creators of something, I believe. For that purpose, more web information, such as images of web cameras and documents should be open contents and many type of creative tools we can use should increase. Furthermore, hints about image creation and know-how to use such tools must be shared.

Through Webcam Art, I ask the web camera owners about copyrights of these images and I show the works created from web cameras by SIC as a new image creation tool. SIC is a creative tool that fits open contents culture, because the image created in SIC has a history of process added to the image. Everyone can get the history, modify the processing information and apply it to their own images. We can share the hints and know-how about creation of new image expression through history information.

Other examples of Webcam Art and its history as processing information are shown below. Figure 1 is the work created from a web camera of the Hudson Liver and Figure 2 is a Japanese girl portrait. I confirmed copyrights of their images of web camera when I ask them to send the comments about my works.