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Brit Bunkley

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Many of the forms and mapped images I have used appear simultaneously in several works since I interchange the same, or similar, forms and concepts from the same images and related 3d models. For example, a "TV" form was used in a rapid prototype, Hand Machine 1 the animation, "Spanish Wall", and the print, "Spanish Icon".
Images of the Spanish Civil War posters (after using the bas relief filter in Photoshop) were mapped onto both the walls and "TV" and walls of the "stadium" within the animation, "Spanish Wall" - as well as mapped onto the print, "Spanish Icon". The "loudspeaker on a truck, and megaphone photographs included in page 3 (originally from the book "1936" by the Ex) influenced the creation of the print "Containment" as well as the rapid prototype, "Globe". The other photographs on this page appear in animations and other prints as does the Australia street signs mapped onto "Containment".
The hands used in the "Spanish Icon" print and "Spanish Wall" video reappear on several other models including the Hand Machine rapid prototype included in the illustrations. The inspiration for the use of the hand came from the proliferation of the hand graphic symbol in the US as well as more traditional representations as illustrated with the tiff images of my wife's prayer plaque and hand broach.
All these processes, and more, will be adequately documented at the show, as they are in the CD..