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Jeff Brice

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I start with a basic concept that I would like to explore. 'Urban Growth' is inspired by satellite photos and fractal simulations of city morphology. Like all art activities, the layering is a non-linear process. The structure of the piece has a tendency to self-organize at some point in a way that I never can foresee. The interaction of the different layers of code begins to dictate how the final piece will evolve. Finally, the color is used to enhance the depth of the piece and as a way to bring about a sense of light. The differentiation of short wavelength color (red) and long wavelength color (blue) is used by the anaglyph 3d glasses to create depth.
The first panel is called the inspiration panel. It consists of nine images of satellite photos and screen captures of programs that I use to create the final artwork. By juxtaposing the screen captures to photos that are implied in the artwork, I hope to create a sense of the dialogue of the different influences that goes into my work. The second panel hanging on the right side of the artwork is called the deconstruction panel. It shows in nine steps the layering of the image from back to top. This allows the viewer to see how the back layers influence the front layers..