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Chiara Boeri
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technical statement

A long time ago I started using computers to make many of my artworks. To me, computers can help find a different way of expression and can enrich an artist, as long as curiosity for any new media moves the artist to experiment, understand, and finally master new techniques as well as the traditional ones. They can help him produce what he wants to create.

Most of the 63 panel pieces were made directly on a Paint Box. I integrated some 3D models, made with Strata signs, that were painted and drawn on different media, and then digitized. The image resolution for each piece ranges from 2000x2000 up to 4000x4000, depending on the material I would use to print. For canvas or cotton, it is better to compute the images at a lower resolution, for silk, at the highest.

A first printout test was done on papers of different weights and textures, in order to get a better idea of the final work; then all images were printed on the different, final fabric materials. Some of the images were printed only once, on one type of fabric. Others were printed on two or three different types of fabric, mainly cotton and silk, to obtain different textures and reflections of light.
Finally, all the pieces were sewn together, to form a sort of quilt or patchwork, and each one was finalized with oil painting and brushes.The patchwork is hung on a bamboo stick.

Hardware:Quantel DeskTop Graphic Paint Box and Macintosh G4. Software:Quantel, Strata 3D studio, Pixels 3D, Photoshop (just to write the images on CMYK .eps format, not to retouch them), Quark Xpress.
Input of some elements: Agfa Arcus scanner. Output: Epson Stylus Color 3000, Iris Graphics .

Print media: silk, cotton, linen, canvas. Additional painting with oil and brushes.Individual pieces mounted and sewn onto a light, very tight-knitted canvas.