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Kurt Bakken
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artist statement
As a young artist I was fascinated with taking a variety of subjects out of context and using them to create new visual realities. If the handling of these disparate pieces was done well, I could make the fantastic appear possible. I learned to airbrush and used this technique to make this synthesis happen. As time went on, imagery became less important to me. I began to focus on the intricacies of the patterns and textures I could create. This seemed like the right path until, in the early nineties, I began working on the computer.

My biggest concern with making computer art has been the final form of the finished pieces. Looking at the prints I made, I asked myself what was missing? "Light!"I had been painting with light on the computer. After some investigation, transparencies seemed to be the ticket. To properly illuminate the images, I began building light-boxes that not only displayed the transparencies, but also complemented them. People ask me, "why don't you just show your work on a monitor?" To me, getting the image out of the computer is akin to getting the vision out of my head. It's not real until it's an object.