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Milliefiore Effect
Ralph Borland
Jesica Findley
Margot Jacobs

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technical statement

FRONT is comprised of two inflatable plastic suits, to be worn by two participants within a small arena. Each suit has two systems of air sacs, one for aggressive and the other, defensive response. The level of each participant's voice controls the inflation of their own aggressive sacs and the defensive sacs of the other person.

The suits are made of thin polythene plastic sewn into sacs of varying sizes and shapes, making up a suit that straps onto the upper body of the participant. Air is pumped into and out of the inflatable sacs in the suit through plastic pipes, using hacked hairdryers as fans.

A small microphone in the neck of each suit sends an audio signal to a computer, which uses Geoff Smith's GetSoundInLevelXtra for Director to monitor the volume of the sound coming from each participant. When the volume exceeds a certain level, Director sends a serial communication to a microprocessor which controls a motormind on each fan. The motorminds normally keep the fans sucking air out of the suits, but reverse the fans to pump air into the appropriate sacs when triggered by the microprocessor to do so.